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At LeatherGlos, we understand how important it is to protect the personal things we have and to get the most use from our prized possessions. But finding the time to care for them can be difficult. Good quality leather and vinyl products are expensive. And in order to keep them around for a long time, they require proper care and maintenance. We may not realize it, but every day we're putting our leather and vinyl objects through harsh conditions. From UV damage, to water and food stains, these surfaces are exposed to various stresses.

This exposure combined with general wear and tear help in deteriorating the appearance and integrity of the products. They become more vulnerable to scratches and scuff marks, and regular UV exposure can cause the objects to fade, crack and peel. In LeatherGlos, the innovators at Liquiguard Technologies Inc. have developed a quick and easy solution for applying a protective coating and polish that protects all your leather and vinyl products. Designed for the person on-the-go, LeatherGlos is the convenient, portable solution for enhancing the quality, appearance and life span of your favorite items with little time or mess.

Conventional leather polishes and waxes are messy, require a different product for every color of leather and multiple steps to treat your leather. They can also trap dirt and rub off on clothing or other surfaces staining them. LeatherGlos is a durable coating that can last for months before reapplication is needed. The frequency and manner in which you use your leather or vinyl article will dictate when another application is needed.

This GREEN product is safe enough for use by the entire family. It contains non-hazardous ingredients that are eco-friendly and biodegradable and does not give off harmful fumes or odors that may be found in some polishes and coatings. LeatherGlos is the ideal solution to keeping all your leather and vinyl goods looking like new for years to come.

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Leatherglos Premium Polishes & Conditioners
Fast & Easy Application yes Some
Lasts for Months yes
UV Protection/Prevents Fading yes
Non-Staining yes
One Solution/All Leathers yes
Water & Stain Resistant yes
Resists Scratching & Scuffing yes